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Snow High Neck Jumper

Snow High Neck Jumper

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The Snowiest White with a delicately stitched emamaco logo.

Handmade out of thick natural cotton with the inside brushed to give a soft fleecy feel against your skin.

The Fit
12 months of development to bring you the ultimate fitted jumper - not loose and baggy in the wrong places. This hugs you.
Snow has extended arm cuffs and a cropped bottom. Designed to visually elongate.

What does it go with
Leggings, shorts, jeans, skirts. Both dark and light colours complement this pure white jumper.

Materials: 100% natural cotton

Pregnancy friendly: yes

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Customer Reviews

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Ketki Joshi

Snow High Neck Jumper

You read that right - we custom make all our own fabrics. So all our leggings, shorts, 3/4s - well just all of them are so ridiculously smooth that pet hair doesn't stick to them. It's so amazing for our pet peeps that even Women's Health Australia wrote an article about it!

Worried about your environmental footprint? So are we.

We will always work on this.
But So Far:

  • We've eliminated printed receipts that get sent with every order
  • We run a paperless office
  • We use recyclable plastic bags
  • We use as many postage bags made out of recycled plastic as possible
  • Maternity clothes aren't forever. So we collect old maternity clothes and donate them to a women's health shelter