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Pregnancy Recovery Range

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Shapewear and Pregnancy Recovery Briefs - both include built in absorbent pads. And both are washable.


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Pet Hair Free

An accidental discovery by our customers and covered by Women's Health Australia - all our wonderful leggings and shorts repel pet hair due to our unique, custom crafted fabrics.
Goodbye hairy (gross!) black leggings!

Tested by our awesome customers on heaps of hair from people, dogs, cats, goats and even giraffes (yes you read that right)

Here's a quick clip of horse hair brushing right off:

Worried about your environmental footprint? So are We.

We will always work on this.
But So Far:

  • We've eliminated printed receipts that get sent with every order
  • We run a paperless office
  • We use recyclable plastic bags
  • We use as many postage bags made out of recycled plastic as possible
  • Maternity clothes aren't forever. So we collect old maternity clothes and donate them to a women's health shelter
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