Collection: Maternity Shorts

Love, confidence and care are important things on which a soon-to-be mum should be thriving during the special time of her life. At Emamaco, we are all about making this special life event feel precious and memorable, be it through embracing your love for sports and being active outdoors or providing you with the ultimate comfort during pregnancy with our maternity activewear lines. We’re proud to bring to you with love, confidence, and care - our collection of maternity shorts.

Australia’s Premium Quality Maternity Shorts

Whether you are keeping your lifestyle active during pregnancy or you just need a comfortable go-to piece to merge with your outfits for everyday wear - our maternity bike shorts would be perfect for you!

Cosy, stylish, comfortable, stretchy, and with a good amount of support, they are your ideal wear-everywhere staple.

Here are a few reasons why our maternity shorts make a great addition to every mama’s wardrobe:

  • High-quality. Our maternity bike shorts are made of a combination of nylon and elastane, which makes the shorts stretchy, super durable, smooth, and soft while enabling them to retain their shape for a long time and provide a good amount of support.
  • Comfortable. Our maternity shorts let the skin breathe, provide freedom of movement and greatly support back and tummy areas. Your belly will feel lifted and your back - relieved. The maternity shorts prevent thigh chafing by lightly compressing the thigh area. On top of that, the shorts stretch as your baby grows in size, meaning they’ll be with you throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Whether you want a versatile activewear piece to work out in while pregnant or you just want to provide a more comfortable environment for your body day by day - our maternity bike shorts have you covered.
  • Stylish. We offer our maternity shorts in a variety of colours and lengths for you to pick from: longer and shorter options, as well as both neutral and brighter colours. A piece to easily go with your everyday outfits, making you look great and feel confident - check, a colourful statement piece to effortlessly liven up your look - got you!

Pregnancy is a very special period of your life, and you can make it even more comfortable and memorable with our maternity shorts. Embrace it all with Emamaco!

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