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  • Dahlas at BodyFabulous Shares her Insights about Pregnancy Fitness

    We are privilege to be able to interview one of most respected and successful, certified and experienced Pregnancy and Postnatal Trainer, Dahlas Fl...
  • Women's Health and Fitness Education with Clare Hozack

    Here at emamaco we specialise in maternity activewear and we deal with so many active pregnant women. To be honest it is incredibly inspirational t...
  • Coach Amanda Jane’s Pregnancy Fitness Tips!

    Amanda specializes in helping women attain long term results they can maintain. She has a large focus on metabolism and getting women out of the yo-yo diet cycle. Her specialty is the booty and achieving a toned body. Oh and she’s very pregnant when we asked her these questions so she’s full of great pregnancy advice!!
  • Pregnancy Workout and Nutrition Advice from QLD Personal Trainer Ashlee Lade

    She specialises in Pregnancy, Birthing preparation and Post Natal health and Fitness, based in the Whitsundays running group sessions and One-on-One for Pregnancy and Post Natal health and fitness that include birthing preparation, pelvic floor health, mobility, personalised workout circuits, recovery/regeneration, postural alignment, breathing strategies and motherhood movement patterns.
  • Being Active During Pregnancy: Myth vs Fact?

    A lot of people say its not safe to stay fit during pregnancy. Is it a Myth or a Fact?

  • Can I wear High Heels when I'm Pregnant?

    If you’re like most women (myself included!), your favorite spot in the house is probably the closet! With all your favorite handbags, clothes and shoe collections? Unfortunately, pregnancy might not be the best time to wear your favorite High heels.
  • How to Treat Pregnancy Back Pain

    Here at emamaco we're no strangers to back pain in pregnancy. In fact it's one of the biggest drivers of why we created the emama shorts to begin with. Support is important but it's not the only thing us pregnant mommas can do to help!

    We've put together some hopefully interesting advice from the medical community here just for you x

  • 10 minute meditation makes pregnancy easy

    Are you pregnant? Do you feel tired, moody, depressed, frustrated and irritated all the time? If yes, meditation can help! During pregnancy women h...
  • The worst baby names of all time & how to pick yours

    When it comes to choosing a baby name these days there can be a lot of pressure. It'll be one of the first things people learn about your child an...
  • My cravings and why I couldn’t get enough of them!

    All of the research shows that eating healthy during pregnancy improves the long-term health of the mother and the baby.
  • Should I workout when pregnant? Tips on how to stay active during pregnancy

    I wanted to share with you a few of the tips I use to stay active and healthy while pregnant and hopefully I will inspire and motivate you with them too!
  • 7 Reasons Not to Find out the Sex of your Baby

    Should you find out your baby’s sex or not? It can be so hard to decide!As soon as you announce your pregnancy, people will be asking whether you are going to find out the sex of your baby. As the 20 week scan approaches