How Our Pet Hair Repellant Leggings Work

What Does Pet Hair and Fluff Repellant Mean?

Emamaco creates custom fabrics for its leggings. When we designed our fabrics we wanted to make them incredibly soft and smooth. Because of the high grade of fabric and the smooth finish we apply we found out (from our customers) that there are unique benefits to the leggings - specifically in how they interact with fluff and hair.

Leggings and tights we used to wear (before Emamaco) gathered and even attracted pet hair and fluff. Meaning that when the fabric comes into contact with the fluff and hair it sticks. Also, it was almost impossible to get off. Hours used to be wasted rubbing and wiping and really not getting anywhere.

Emamaco Pet Hair Repellant Leggings Perform in the Following way:

- Pet hair and fluff will not stick on when rubbed up against the leggings in most cases

- If some pet hair and fluff do stick on they wipe off easily

What Doesn't Stick?

As of writing this we have tested the following:

- dog hair from a range of breeds including: Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians and Border Collies.

- cat hair from a variety of cats

- fluff from yoga studio floors

- wool/fluff from rugs and carpets


Is this Guaranteed?

We are all different - and so are our pets.

If you do find that your pet hair is sticking to your leggings and doesn't wipe off please get in contact with our customer service team using the contact us form on the website.

Please note that our returns policy can be found here.

What Products are Made of This Awesome Fabric?

All of our range that is made with our Supaflex fabric, including:

- all leggings (full length, 7/8, 3/4)

- all shorts

- all long line crop tops