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Bump Bean Pregnancy Coffee

Bump Bean Pregnancy Coffee

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Emamaco is proud to announce its Collaboration with Bump Bean, bringing you coffee designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

So many of our pregnant mums are so limited in what they can eat and drink - and being allowed only 1 or 2 cups of coffee has been one of our biggest frustrations! 

So we’ve been working tirelessly with Bump Bean to create this unique coffee made for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

To make this work we had to get the perfect cup of coffee with no compromises and it had to:
- be Natural & Organic
- have almost no caffeine (done completely naturally and Chemical Free)
- taste delicious
- be safe for pregnancy
- be safe for breastfeeding

And here is the result, Bump Bean X Emamaco Whole Coffee Beans. Ready to be ground and poured to make you the perfect cup! 
It’s organic, has almost no caffeine so it’s safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding mums, it’s washed using the amazingly natural Swiss Water Process and it’s absolutely delicious!

And it’s roasted right here in Melbourne, one of the world’s greatest coffee cities!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m pregnant and I LOVE coffee but my doctor said I can’t have too much caffeine. Can I have Bump Bean coffee instead?

Yes! Bump Bean is real coffee and certified organic that has naturally had most of its caffeine washed away. So you can no longer be limited by caffeine intake and enjoy that sweet cup of coffee.

I’m breastfeeding and want to drink more than 1 cup of coffee a day can I drink Bump Bean coffee instead?

Yes. This is one of the main reasons why we created Bump Bean, we were so frustrated with being limited to just 1 cup!

Where are the Coffee Beans roasted?

Right here in Melbourne! The "Coffee Capital of the World".

How many coffees does a bag make?

The industry standard is 7 grams per cup for a single shot. Not accounting for some wastage that means you’ll get roughly 35 cups from a 250g bag and 70 cups from a 500g bag.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kathryn Jackson
Delicious Coffee without the caffeine

Very quick delivery and amazing communication. Just disappointed to see the batch date as August - should be a lot fresher than that

Brooke Lowther
Bump Bean Pregnancy Coffee

The coffee bean is soft, yet still packs a good punch. Especially when I feel extra tired in my first and third Trimesters. It has a beautiful roasting flavor to it. Brooke

Joanna Wortley
Still have not received my parcel.

I have tried contacting the courier but despite promises to deliver- ie “close of business on the 26/10/22 I still have not received my order.

Rochelle Barbaro
Taste like real coffee

Super pleased with this product. Tastes like real coffee. Will be buying more very soon.

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