Win a $300 Emamaco voucher! Send us pics with UR fur babies!

It’s COMPETITION time - win a $300 emamaco store voucher! And get your puppies out for emamaco...and cats, obviously.


Golden lab proof? Dalmatian? Ragdoll cat? Horsehair? Yes. Yes. Yes, and absolutely.

Because whether you’re a baby mama, a fur mama, or both, emamaco has you covered.

You asked us which pets these miracle leggings worked for- and as much as we WISHED we had one of every animal, well, we don’t! 

So how would you like to help us prove our case AND win a $300 emamaco store voucher? And on top of that - if you’re in Melbourne you may get a chance to be part of our next great big photoshoot with your pet!

We want to see your best fur family photos wearing our emamaco leggings - bonus points for complete fluffballs!

Send us your videos and photos so we can share the love - because who doesn’t love fur baby content. And help us show how our pet hair proof leggings repel all types of different pet hair, and fluff.

How to enter: 

Follow us on instagram at @emamacowomen and @emamaco_maternity and DM us your photos and videos for a chance to win a $300 store voucher! Don’t forget to let us know if you’re in Melbourne!

The competition is open NOW and we’ll be sharing all these super cute photos on our social media accounts!

We’ll announce and DM the winner on 16 August 2021 - so keep an eye on instagram and facebook!