Take your leggings from the gym to the street

Take your leggings from the gym to the street

One of my absolute favourite trends is the athleisure trend. I mean who doesn't want to be comfortable all the time? With the constant cycle of lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne, activewear has become a staple in my wardrobe. Activewear is no longer reserved only for the gym and the line between gym-wear and everyday-wear has blurred to create the athleisure trend. It has now become socially acceptable to rock your activewear leggings out and about so I sat down with Emamaco founder Emma Sango to get her tips and tricks on how to take the humble activewear legging from the gym to the street and pull off the athleisure trend.

What is your go-to outfit?

I am currently living in our Emamaco shaper move leggings range. I am in love with the soft fabric and the additional support of the high waist. The matte finish also makes them the perfect legging to wear out and about as they don't even look like activewear. I pair these with either a cropped long sleeved jumper or an oversized coat if the weather is cold  (and I live in Melbourne so the weather is most likely going to be cold). Chuck on my runners and sunglasses and I am good to go. I am a busy Mum to two beautiful girls so minimalism and comfort is what I am looking for in an outfit.

How do you style your activewear leggings?

If I am at the gym I like to keep it simple - my leggings paired with our Emamaco long line nursing crop. Sleek and simple. When I am out and about it is all about the waist for me. I will normally wear high waisted leggings so I will add a cropped jumper or tee, sometimes I will even add a denim jacket tied around my waist. When I’m wearing my leggings outside of the gym I like to add layers and accessories to elevate the look. These days I live in my activewear all day long so I like to keep my style simple but still chic and comfortable.

What about coloured leggings - yes or no?

I personally prefer to opt for a more muted colour palette when choosing my leggings. If I am at the gym, I cannot go past a beautiful muted pastel legging. Who doesn't love pastels? Pastels are definitely my colour and I love to mix and match with pastel coloured crop tops. However, if i am going out to lunch or going shopping I prefer to stick with the more neutral tones as I find them easier to blend with my everyday wardrobe. At the moment I am obsessed with the Emamaco shaper move leggings in caramel - they perfectly match my everyday style. That is the great thing about leggings: you can choose a colour or shade that suits your own style. You can be bold, you can stay neutral, it is really whatever you feel comfortable and confident in. 

What are your top tips for wearing activewear leggings outside of the gym?

Activewear leggings are such a versatile piece of clothing. You can wear them with basically anything. But to really pull off the athleisure trend I think it is important to balance your activewear with your everyday wardrobe. Avoid wearing lycra on lycra if you are outside of the gym. Be sure to mix fabrics, add in denim, maybe leather - whatever you feel comfortable in. Accessories can also really elevate your look. I always pair my leggings with runners and my Gucci sunglasses. If I am looking to dress up a little more I will wear a heeled boot. Don’t overdo your accessories but also don’t forget them. Adding layers is also a great way to elevate your look. Chuck on a coat over your crop top or tie a jacket around your waist, anything to combat the casual style of your activewear leggings. Make sure you invest in quality activewear leggings. You want to make sure they fit you perfectly. There isn’t anything comfortable or chic about having to pull up your leggings every 5 seconds. My last and most important tip is to style your activewear leggings however you feel confident and comfortable. 







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