Summer wardrobe essentials for every mum-to-be

Summer wardrobe essentials for every mum-to-be

Daylight saving time has begun, lockdowns are starting to lift and summer is just around the corner which for most of us means long lazy days at the beach and backyard barbeques but for those pregnant mums-to-be out there summer can look a whole lot different. Let's be honest, pregnancy can be uncomfortable at the best of times and the scorching hot sun and longer days can make that pregnant belly seem unbearable. I was never really a summer loving person to begin with so surviving my summer pregnancy was no easy feat. I was uncomfortable all the time, I was sweaty, I was tired, I was swollen and I was HOT. Pregnancy and summer are definitely not a match made in heaven. 

For all you mums-to-be out there that are heading into summer with a pregnant belly, here is my list of summer wardrobe essentials to help make the warmer months more bearable.

Beautiful mumma @sherinnnnnn wearing the Emama Maternity Bike Shorts in Spearmint

Basic tees 

You will need some maternity basics in your wardrobe no matter what the season. During summer you cannot go past a high quality versatile maternity tee.  Look for tees that also offer nursing access for when bub arrives.  Make sure you pick a fabric that is breathable but also stretches to accomodate your growing bump - theres nothing worse than a tee that is too tight over your bump during summer. 

Bodycon maternity dresses

When you are pregnant it is not always easy to put together an outfit for summer so why bother? Get yourself some bodycon maternity dresses. These dresses are incredibly easy to dress up that I wore mine to work nearly every day. Chuck on a longline cardigan and some boots and you have yourself an elevated maternity outfit. For those laid back summer days just wear the dress on its own. They are honestly so comfortable I could not have survived summer without one (or three). 

Maxi dresses

I'm talking about the long, flowy beautiful maxi dresses that are in the back of your wardrobe. There is no better time to wear a maxi dress than when you are pregnant and it's summer. They are usually lightweight and breathable and will drape beautifully over your growing baby bump.

Maternity bike shorts 

bike shorts were a lifesaver for me when I was pregnant during summer. Look for high waisted maternity bike shorts that offer support and compression with a high quality fabric that grows with your belly.  I would wear these shorts underneath my dress to help combat the inevitable chafing associated with pregnancy and give my baby belly that little bit of extra support. 

Try Emamaco’s Emama high waisted maternity bike shorts in sizes ranging from XXS-XXXL. They are designed to support and lift you in all the right places and feature an ultra high waistband for full support. The Emama maternity bike shorts are durable and designed to last through all stages of pregnancy. They come in a range of colours from classic black to some beautiful pastel tones. 

Wearing the Emama Maternity Bike Shorts in Black and the Emamaco Long Line Crop Top - shop all Emamaco Crop Tops here

Maternity swimwear

I love a one-piece swimsuit but I couldn't squeeze my pregnant belly into the ones I already owned. Spending time in a pool or at the beach is one of the two activities that will help cool you down during summer (the other is spending the whole day in air conditioning) so get yourself a pair of maternity swimwear. They will help you feel confident and comfortable and hug your baby belly in all the right places. 

Wide-brimmed hat 

It is always a good idea to cover up while out in the sun during pregnancy. While it is a myth that pregnancy makes you more likely to get sunburnt, you are more likely to overheat and are more susceptible to melasma when out in the full sun. Get yourself a wide brimmed hat - they look great and provide fuller coverage to keep the sun at bay. 

Maternity sleepwear

I'm not going to lie - there are no tricks for a comfortable nights sleep during summer pregnancies. But sleepwear that comfortably fits your baby bump will go a long way to helping you get a good night's rest. Invest in sleepwear that also offers breastfeeding access for those long nights after bub arrives.

Keep cool out there mummas x 

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