Physio Endorsement of emamaco Pregnancy Recovery Leggings

Physio Endorsement of emamaco Pregnancy Recovery Leggings

We invited Physiotherapist and Women's Health Specialist Jess Kostos in to interview her about post natal recovery and to go ask her what she thought about our emamaco Pregnancy Recovery Leggings.

Here's the full interview video - and it's full of amazing + useful hints and tips!
Also if you want to reach out to Jess at any time, take part in 1 on 1 physiotherapy for pre and post natal, or look into her online pilates classes designed for pregnancy and immediately afterwards her contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Check out the Pregnancy Recovery Leggings Jess talks about here!

Q&A with The Mama Physio on emamaco’s pregnancy recovery leggings

Introducing Jess Kostos - The Mama Physio & Co-Founder of The Pilates Lifestyle

Tell us about your experience?

I studied a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honours and then a Postgraduate Certificate in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy at The University of Melbourne. I graduated nine years ago and have been specialising in women's health for seven years. I absolutely love my job- I love working with women and empowering them to look after their health! I’m also a fully certified matwork and equipment Pilates instructor and a Pilates course educator based in Melbourne.

Tell us about your speciality?

I specialise in everything women's health and Pilates! The women’s health side of this encompases the pelvic floor muscles and everything related to them such as bladder issues, bowel issues, gynaecological issues and pain. I’ll commonly see women, during and after their pregnancy or in menopause for pelvic floor checks, diastasis recti (tummy muscle separation), prolapse and incontinence - and I see many women for mastitis.

I also work with pelvic pain - anything from pelvic girls pain in pregnancy, to endometriosis and sexual pain. In terms of Pilates, I specialise in the pre and postnatal population, and have an online pilates studio ‘The Pilates Lifestyle’, that’s designed for women during and after their pregnancy.

How many pregnant women have you treated?

Oh wow, at least 5-10 a day for seven years. So over 1000 women - actually probably double that, because I worked on a maternity ward for two of those years!

Postpartum recovery

What are the most common issues postpartum that you see?

The first time I'll generally see a new mum is six weeks after the delivery of their baby, for a postnatal check and to get back into exercise. I'd say the most common issues I see are prolapse followed by urinary incontinence and diastasis recti - this is a separation of the abdominal muscles.

I’m loving how in recent years more women are talking about all the issues that can accompany childbirth and I'm seeing more and more women come in proactively without any issues - just to get a check.

What are the 3 most important things for postpartum recovery?

  1. Rest as much as you can in the first six weeks, spending time horizontal to allow your pelvic floor (or maybe your stomach if you've had a C/Section) to heal.
  2. Making sure that you get a postnatal check - 50% of women do not contract their pelvic floor muscles properly!
  3. Wearing support garments such as emamaco.

What is the importance of wearing supportive clothing postpartum?

Compression is important to help with healing of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. If someone has had a C/Section it can help relieve swelling, pain and provide support whilst moving about. They also help with healing diastasis recti, bringing the stomach muscles together. It does this by acting as your core “corset” muscles, to improve posture and support - which also helps with preventing and managing lower back pain.

As a health professional, what do you look for when recommending postpartum leggings?

I always look for and recommend leggings that provide abdominal and pelvic floor support. They will honestly make such a difference to the way you can move, how fast you recover and your pain levels.

Secondly, I like to recommend a product that is practical and looks good - something that can be worn all day and nice enough that you can leave the house wearing it if you want.

And finally, something that is affordable! Most women will be wearing multiple outfits due to baby poop, vomit or food - and sometimes it's just not realistic to own multiple pairs.

Emamaco’s pregnancy recovery leggings

How can recovery leggings help postpartum, why should you wear them?

As I mentioned above the compression the leggings provide, will help with healing of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles - and help with healing diastasis recti, bringing the stomach muscles together.

While the leggings are acting as core muscles not only will they help with posture and support, prevent and manage lower back pain - but will help you move more freely so you can feed, change nappies, bathe and care in comfort.

What are the main benefits of emamaco’s post pregnancy recovery leggings? Why choose emamaco? 

Emamacos postnatal legging have four support panels around the tummy, to provide back and abdominal support and the help with abdominal separation through compression.

Around the abdominal region is an extra layer of mesh to provide breathable support and compression through the abdominal region. They only use flat lock stitching because it’s strong and does not cause skin irritation which is especially important for postnatal recovery if you have C/Section scars.

How should the leggings fit/feel when you first put them on?

The leggings should feel comfortable and supportive. When they fit right - my patients will find that they can move easier, sit for longer and feed with less back discomfort. They should feel compressive over the stomach but are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

How long can you wear the leggings for, at one time? Can you sleep in the leggings?

The leggings are designed to be worn both during the day and night. The extra layer of mesh provides breathable support through the abdominal region, so you do not overheat or get damp in hot weather.

Are the leggings safe to wear after C-section, or surgery - how soon can I wear them?

Yes of course! I usually allow a few days for catheters to be removed and more comfortable dressings. Sometimes a patient is discharged with tubigrip, then they will move onto their postnatal leggings when they arrive home. I know many women are worried about having something tight over their scar - but trust me, it will feel amazing!

If you need help or have any questions with any of the issues above you can find out more or learn how to visit Jess here

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Check out the Pregnancy Recovery Leggings Jess talks about here!

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