When to buy Maternity Leggings & what to look for

When to buy Maternity Leggings & what to look for

Active new mamas-to-be may be wondering when is the right time to start wearing maternity leggings. Do you even need to buy specific maternity leggings, after all most activewear leggings are stretchy by nature - so why spend more on leggings you can only wear while pregnant? 

Here at Emamaco we specialise in maternity activewear and strive to ensure that every active mama-to-be finds her perfect leggings match. Our Emama maternity leggings were created by a mum for mums and provide the ultimate comfort and support for that growing bump. Here we will give you a run down on when you should start wearing maternity leggings and what to look for when buying your maternity activewear.


Full length Emamaco maternity leggings in Spearmint, Olive and Twilight.

What are maternity leggings and how they differ from regular leggings?

Maternity leggings have been specifically designed to support your growing bump throughout your entire pregnancy. Maternity leggings are constructed from a stretch fabric that contains the right amount elastane for a comfortable fit that isn't too tight and may or may not feature compression support. Maternity leggings will feature either a high-rise overbelly band to be worn over your baby bump for added support, or a V-shaped or curved band that will sit under your growing belly. 

Now you may be thinking that maternity leggings don't sound too different to regular leggings so is it really worth buying a pair? And the answer is most definitely yes! The main and most important difference between maternity leggings and regular activewear leggings is the added support they provide for your growing bump and for your back. Research shows that more than 65% of women suffer from lower back pain during their pregnancy. For me, this lower back pain was coupled with round ligament pain during my second pregnancy. Wearing high quality maternity leggings can make a huge difference to the pains associated with pregnancy and provide much needed support as your bump grows.  

When to buy maternity leggings?

Truth be told there is no exact date for when you should start wearing maternity leggings. It is totally up to you! Most first time mums-to-be will start wearing maternity leggings in their second trimester - your baby bump has most likely come out to play around this time and your current activewear may be starting to dig in around the waist. If it isn't your first pregnancy you may need to start wearing maternity leggings a lot sooner than with your first as your belly will grow and show way faster. 

For me, I survived the first 2 trimesters without buying any maternity leggings and then lived in my Emama maternity leggings for my whole third trimester and first few weeks after birth. With my second baby I practically lived in my Emama maternity leggings my whole pregnancy, I literally didn't want to take them off they were so comfortable. 

Every mama-to-be is different. Every pregnancy journey is different. Every body is different. When ever you are ready to start wearing maternity leggings then go for it. Only you know what is best for your growing baby bump and your body. 

Wearing the full range of Emamaco maternity activewear. 

What to look for when buying maternity leggings

If you have decided that maternity leggings are for you then it is important to know what to look for to get the perfect fit and support for your baby bump. Here at Emamaco we pride ourselves on helping every mama-to-be find that perfect bump fit. Here are our tips for finding your perfect pair of maternity leggings:

  • Fabric - to ensure you are supported while still comfortable a high quality fabric is essential. You want a fabric that can stretch to accomodate your growing bump but still has good shape retention so the leggings don't roll down. The Emama maternity leggings use a high quality signature superflex material that is soft on the skin and features compression support for your back and growing bump.
  • Size - choosing the right size is everything when it comes to maternity leggings. Depending on when you are purchasing your leggings you may be tempted to size up to accomodate your growing belly and inevitable added weight that comes with pregnancy, however it is important to follow the size guide of your chosen brand as sizing up could result in leggings that are too big and uncomfortable. Read Emamaco's size guide here.
  • Shape - The shape of your leggings will come down to personal preference. Comfort is everything when it comes to maternity activewear and will determine whether your maternity leggings feature an overbelly support band or curved band that sits under your belly. The Emama maternity leggings feature a super high waist for that added support during and after pregnancy.


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