If You Own A Pet, These Are The Leggings You Need ASAP

If You Own A Pet, These Are The Leggings You Need ASAP

Originally published by Nikolina Ilic 28 Sept 2021 at Women's Health Australia


Working at a title like Women's Health, you see a lot of leggings. Seam-free, textured, patterned... the lot. It’s an awesome perk that we're incredibly grateful for, but also one that, admittedly, isn’t super necessary. Because, like jeans and mascara, no matter how many you have in your arsenal, you tend to go back to the same few every time.

The problem is, mine are all black... and I have two very hairy white-furred dogs who like to brush up against my tights every time they see me.

So when I heard there were a pair of leggings that would allow me the pleasure of cuddling my baby boys without the guilt of looking like I had just rolled in a pile of white fur - I had to investigate. 



Created by Aussie label Emamaco, their incredible popular leggings are made with such a smooth and soft fabric that all you have to do is brush the hair off with your hand...

"Here at Emamaco we set out to create the greatest leggings the world has ever seen. We spent over 12 months testing, breaking and innovating different fabrics. We then spent another 12 months engineering a high waistband that would never roll down," the team explain. "Little did we know that from all the time and effort put into making the softest and strongest fabrics we possibly could - we created something just awesome. Fabrics that repel dog hair, cat hair and fluff in general.

"We didn't realise it until our customers started commenting on posts and writing in forums and contacting us in droves: They found out quite quickly that unlike their other leggings, emamaco tights stayed fluff free. We dug a little deeper. No one was getting that annoying fluff sticking to the fabric that you just can't brush off - You know what I mean."

Unlike any black tight I’ve ever worn before, these practically repel fur. Usually, the long strands get weaved into the thread, but the Emamaco fabric has a sleek finish that allows pet hair to glide right off with a quick swipe of your hand. And you can tell they didn’t select the fabric for this reason—it’s also incredibly comfortable/lightweight, flattering, and more than anything, technical (no joke, your sweat dries in minutes).

Invest in a pair, then go get yourself a fur baby—you won’t regret either.


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