How to find the perfect nursing sports bra

How to find the perfect nursing sports bra

Breastfeeding a new bub comes with a unique set of challenges that will change from day to day. For me, a big challenge was finding a comfortable sports bra that I could breastfeed in at the drop of a hat or in this instance the cry of a hungry baby, and that would somehow fit my bust for both morning workouts and afternoon workouts. All us breastfeeding mummas know our bust can change cup sizes about 4 times a day and I wasn't about to buy different sized sports bras to accommodate this. Having breastfed two beautiful hungry babies over the past 2 and a half years I have become a breastfeeding friendly bra expert - I have tried them all. I am 100% guilty of working out in my battered old nursing crop top I have had since my first pregnancy but since having my second baby I decided to elevate my nursing sports bra game. 
For all you breastfeeding mummas and mummas-to-be out there here are my top tips to finding the perfect nursing sports bra.

The perfect fit

Finding the right fit for your bust is important when it comes to any bra. When you are breastfeeding you need a bra that will stretch to fit you as your breasts change throughout the day whilst still being supportive and comfortable. You want to avoid any bra that is overly tight as that could affect your milk flow and supply or even cause a blocked milk duct or mastitis. For me, if a bra is too tight, it can cause my breasts to leak so that is also something you will want to avoid. You also don't want the bra to be too loose as that will not provide you with the support you need for your bust and back. A high quality sports bra that is feeding friendly will fit perfectly, provide enough support and coverage whilst stretching to accommodate your changing breasts throughout the day.

Wearing the Emama Longline nursing crop in white. 

Quality fabric with padding

In the first few months of breastfeeding you may find that you leak. Alot. Wearing either disposable or reusable breast pads becomes second nature. For me, I was blessed/cursed with an oversupply of breastmilk and had to wear breast pads for the first 6 months of breastfeeding my son and with every bra I wore you could see the disc shaped outline of my breast pads through my bra. It became a pet peeve of mine. I refuse to settle for a sports bra that shows that outline. Always look for a quality material that has some sort of added padding that is breathable and comfortable. A high quality fabric will also stretch to accommodate your changing breasts throughout the day without compromising on the shape and support of the sports bra.

Access access access

Don't underestimate how important breastfeeding access is on any bra. Find a nursing sports bra that has simple breastfeeding access that can be opened with one hand. One hand. More times than I can count I have been caught struggling to open a nursing clip with one hand while I am holding a very hungry, very upset, very wriggly baby in my other arm. 
Another tip for the mummas out there that have a bigger bust: make sure that the bra isn't too bulky. I find that because I wear a larger cup size that the cup can get in the way when my son is trying to feed. 

My little guy and I wearing the Emama longline nursing crop in lilac and the shaper move 7/8 leggings with pockets in black

My love affair with the Emama longline nursing crop

I couldn't recommend the Emamaco Emama longline nursing crop enough. This crop is my absolute perfect nursing sports bra. It is recommended for low to medium intensity workouts which is perfect for me and is so comfortable and supportive. They feature the Emamaco signature supaflex fabric that is so super soft and thick. They also come with added padded inserts that perfectly sculpts your bust whilst hiding any breast pad outlines. The high quality fabric also stretches as your breasts change throughout the day meaning I could confidently wear the crop day or night and it would still fit me perfectly. The crop offers full coverage whilst not being too bulky and my son and I can attest that the nursing clips are most definitely one hand accessible. 

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