Emamaco - A brand for all women!

Emamaco - A brand for all women!

With Chinese New Year taking place this week, we caught up with one of our favourites Fiona Wang to discuss fun, food, family and fashion.

What does Chinese New Year mean to you? 

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivities for Chinese people, for us, it's all about spending time with family and appreciating the people around us.

And what will you be doing to celebrate the day? 

This year we will be gathering at home with a homemade feast featuring handmade dumplings and many other traditional dishes! 

We can see on your insta that you have a passion for food, but what else do you do with yourself?

I am a CX Project Manager at an Advertising agency by day and a lifestyle content creator by night, sharing fun and delicious places to experience and cool products that add to our everyday lifestyle. I have a passion for gifting and making meaningful memories, so I recently just launched @prisu.store on instagram where you will find the most playful and savage cake toppers and cards.

It looks like you have a few different Emamaco outfits. What do you like about most about our activewear?

I just really love the quality of Emamaco's products. That would be the main thing I like about them.

What is your favourite so far?

My favourite set is the Emamaco Twilight and Deep Blue set because the design of the top is very beautiful and the whole fit really emphasises the curves on your body. 


If you want to contact or follow Fiona, you can catch her on Instagram @heyfionaq



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