Being Active During Pregnancy: Myth vs Fact?

Being Active During Pregnancy: Myth vs Fact?

A lot of people say its not safe to stay fit during pregnancy. Is it a Myth or a Fact?

I Don’t know about you but I see and hear this all the time: "Consult your Doctor first before doing exercise”. But a lot other women also say “ You need to stay active to help with your labor”. One thing is for sure, both are actually known to be facts.

Being active during your pregnancy definitely has terrific benefits like shorter And easier labors- doesn't THAT sound good! But some women who have high risk pregnancies are of course advised to do otherwise. Myths surrounding fitness and pregnancy are always lurking in every corner of the world and experts are sometimes questioned whether to follow them or not.

Example of a Myth or Fact is getting your heart rate over 130 while exercising during pregnancy. Is it good  or bad. Another would be abdominal workouts, can I do them or not? Can I be prone to pregnancy fitness injuries?

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There are so many myths during pregnancy that can be heard not only in our neighborhood but also now on the internet. You should learn to listen to your body to figure out if you can do the exercises or not and it’s always best to have a preliminary consult with your doctor as they know what is best for you.

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Running during pregnancy

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Hiking and Pregnancy

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